Jumat, 24 Juni 2011

the day

bonjour !

thanks GOD now im officially 12 grader .
imagine how happy am i ..
XI-IA-PLUS class have PASSED and now we are in XII-IA-PLUS ..
i have promised myself im gonna study hard in this last grade ..
yeay im gonna face university life soon :)

see .. :p

Rabu, 22 Juni 2011

who is he ?

he is the epitome of courage,
molded through hard work..
years of perseverance,  patience and of course diligence made him great!
steel as he may seemed,
beneath that hard exterior lies a man of compassion..
that’s what my Father is (!)

there's no time :)

there is no time, 
no time to spare..
these are the moments,
in which we share..
there is no time,
forget the past..
for nothing is forever, this will not last,
there is no time, the end is near,
love each moment, 
Live not in fear..

im coming back.. ^^

heloo blogger ..
phew finally im coming back to blog and i can updated my blog. hahaha
i have been vacuumed from internet for a month because of my stupid modem get problem .. haha

err ..
tomorrow will be 24 june ,, and i will get my report book from school ..
so nervous anw.. my heart still keep on beating so fast .. ><"
and thanks i got so many supporter from my friends and of course my teachers.
i also keep on praying ,, 
hahaa .. i cant wait to be officially in the third grade of senior high school ..the highest grade at school..
wish me luck :):) 

so talking about my holidays ,,
a lil bit bored ..
stayed at home .. got nothing to do 
sitting in front of my laptop , browsing , chatting , twittering , and etc hahaha

thats all .
i got nothing to said anymore ..hahaha

Selasa, 29 Maret 2011

bad MONDAY !

i have coming back again ><
actually i have to post it yesterday but i have just online 
jahhh =_= 
my monday totally bad .
almost come late to school then n i forget to bring my ceremony hat .
damn ! so im going to buy the new one ..
almost 1hours standing at school field . tired+hot+hungry .
after the ceremony has done , then going back to class, 
meet that chemistry local teacher , ayoorr mood down again lor ..
then that teacher give us back our last week exam result , i got so damn bad mark again . got 20! oh so shit ,..
at that time , im really not in good mood anymore ,.
hoping that ill get a really goodmark for the next upcoming exam  !

Jumat, 25 Maret 2011

friday lol

jajaja . i'm back since i don't post a new blog here .

how r ya ?
hopefully u guys fine (:

what a day! today is friday . yeahh! such a very great day for me . not only at school but also at my pre doctor tuition class :)
so fun ><"
but someone is decrease my mood at school just now .
one of my classmate really pissing me off .
my other classmate told me to calm down myself .. ok i try ..
at last , one of my classmate that makes me mad has said sory to me ..
and im just let it go .
im not an egoism person , n im not the kind of 'pendendam' person especially with my classmates ^^
i love them ..i enjoyed when im with them ;) xoxo

at 3pm just now , i also really enjoyed my pre doctor tuition .
hahaha .
i learned about 'muscles' lessons today . a lil bit boring but i enjoyed it with my frens especially with the teacher .
the teacher tell us alot about his experience become a doctor and when he was working in one of malaysia hospital .
its so damn funny . 
he also tell us the kind of Malaysian people .
hahaha .
enjoyed it so much .lol
my teacher is a doctor and he just graduated his faculty of medicine last year .. n blablabla .
so so so so .. aa cant tell anymore ><" 'SECRET'