Jumat, 25 Maret 2011

friday lol

jajaja . i'm back since i don't post a new blog here .

how r ya ?
hopefully u guys fine (:

what a day! today is friday . yeahh! such a very great day for me . not only at school but also at my pre doctor tuition class :)
so fun ><"
but someone is decrease my mood at school just now .
one of my classmate really pissing me off .
my other classmate told me to calm down myself .. ok i try ..
at last , one of my classmate that makes me mad has said sory to me ..
and im just let it go .
im not an egoism person , n im not the kind of 'pendendam' person especially with my classmates ^^
i love them ..i enjoyed when im with them ;) xoxo

at 3pm just now , i also really enjoyed my pre doctor tuition .
hahaha .
i learned about 'muscles' lessons today . a lil bit boring but i enjoyed it with my frens especially with the teacher .
the teacher tell us alot about his experience become a doctor and when he was working in one of malaysia hospital .
its so damn funny . 
he also tell us the kind of Malaysian people .
hahaha .
enjoyed it so much .lol
my teacher is a doctor and he just graduated his faculty of medicine last year .. n blablabla .
so so so so .. aa cant tell anymore ><" 'SECRET'


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