Rabu, 22 Juni 2011

im coming back.. ^^

heloo blogger ..
phew finally im coming back to blog and i can updated my blog. hahaha
i have been vacuumed from internet for a month because of my stupid modem get problem .. haha

err ..
tomorrow will be 24 june ,, and i will get my report book from school ..
so nervous anw.. my heart still keep on beating so fast .. ><"
and thanks i got so many supporter from my friends and of course my teachers.
i also keep on praying ,, 
hahaa .. i cant wait to be officially in the third grade of senior high school ..the highest grade at school..
wish me luck :):) 

so talking about my holidays ,,
a lil bit bored ..
stayed at home .. got nothing to do 
sitting in front of my laptop , browsing , chatting , twittering , and etc hahaha

thats all .
i got nothing to said anymore ..hahaha

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