Selasa, 29 Maret 2011

bad MONDAY !

i have coming back again ><
actually i have to post it yesterday but i have just online 
jahhh =_= 
my monday totally bad .
almost come late to school then n i forget to bring my ceremony hat .
damn ! so im going to buy the new one ..
almost 1hours standing at school field . tired+hot+hungry .
after the ceremony has done , then going back to class, 
meet that chemistry local teacher , ayoorr mood down again lor ..
then that teacher give us back our last week exam result , i got so damn bad mark again . got 20! oh so shit ,..
at that time , im really not in good mood anymore ,.
hoping that ill get a really goodmark for the next upcoming exam  !

Jumat, 25 Maret 2011

friday lol

jajaja . i'm back since i don't post a new blog here .

how r ya ?
hopefully u guys fine (:

what a day! today is friday . yeahh! such a very great day for me . not only at school but also at my pre doctor tuition class :)
so fun ><"
but someone is decrease my mood at school just now .
one of my classmate really pissing me off .
my other classmate told me to calm down myself .. ok i try ..
at last , one of my classmate that makes me mad has said sory to me ..
and im just let it go .
im not an egoism person , n im not the kind of 'pendendam' person especially with my classmates ^^
i love them ..i enjoyed when im with them ;) xoxo

at 3pm just now , i also really enjoyed my pre doctor tuition .
hahaha .
i learned about 'muscles' lessons today . a lil bit boring but i enjoyed it with my frens especially with the teacher .
the teacher tell us alot about his experience become a doctor and when he was working in one of malaysia hospital .
its so damn funny . 
he also tell us the kind of Malaysian people .
hahaha .
enjoyed it so much .lol
my teacher is a doctor and he just graduated his faculty of medicine last year .. n blablabla .
so so so so .. aa cant tell anymore ><" 'SECRET'


Senin, 14 Maret 2011


today, 14 march 2011 , so today is white day !
emm . i dont even feel any special in this day .

yeah white day is when a men give chocolates on that day but they also give white gifts .hahaha
and the gifts should be white so men usually give a white chocolates and white flowers.
so romanticcc <3 lol
usually in japan they always celebrated white day on 14march.
:( but now japan is in disaster :(
few days ago , an earthquake and tsunami had just attacked their country :(
pity them .
just hope their country will recover soon ><


Happy WhiteDay guys ^^

can u see this ? this is a bouquet of white roses ><"
how i wish there was a men give this white roses to me .
hahahaa lol 

Minggu, 13 Maret 2011

what a NIGHT !

phew .=.=
updated blog again and again coz i got nothing to do .
so i wasted my time by updating my blog , twitter , chat n blablah ~~

i just finished watching korean drama named 'my princess'
its such a nice and of course romantic movie
aw ~~~

aha. u see this . pretty kim tae hee and handsome song seung heon ><

a hope and a dream ^^

i know everyone of course have a hope and a dream.
especially me .
i have a dreams of becoming doctors for saving human lives.
really hope i can be a doctor :)
yeahh i know its not easy to becoming a doctor .its a long and challenging process ><"
and it needs 6-7 years to get the 'dr' title . 
but of course i'll try my best .
and my mom have agree with me .she support me to become a doctor .
yeah but my dad seems disagree with me :( 
but who cares ?lol

Mm.. next year i'll be graduated from my senior high school. 
i'll entering faculty of medicine soon. 
really cant wait again ><"
but im still confused where im gonna take that faculty of medicine ?
i have choose some university in jakarta and bandung.
jakarta ( UI , ATMAJAYA , OR UNTAR )
bandung ( Universitas Padjajaran)
just hope i can enter n passed the exams from one of that university .

anyway,, for those that also interested to be a doctor i suggest u to watch ' dr house ' or 'grey's anatomy' .
thats such a good medical movie ^^


aiyarr . today so bad la ><
spend my sunday just stayed at home only .too bad =.="
mom and dad is going out . dont know go where  ><
my sister is going out with his bf since morning . *envy* ><
ME ?
just sitting in front of my pc .dont know what to do .
update blog , twitter , etc ~~~
geez! so damn bored .

WEBCAM day with vilo ^^

looks so stupid ><

Sabtu, 12 Maret 2011

22 february 2011

22 february 2011 .. and its TUESDAY .
we also celebrated sir david je birthday at school ^^
actually his birthday is at 20 feb.
walaoo =.=" we have prepared all of that n what ?
he didn't came to school ><
a bit disappointed at that time ><
yeahh . tuesday we have 2 periods of biology class n the teacher is him .
plus 1 extra class.
fortunately , he came at our extra class :)
we makes a surprise for him and when he entered the class we sing a 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY song' to him ><
kyaaa .miss that time ><
and what ? we skipped 1 period of biology class again n again . HAHAHA 
so happy yeaa! 
at the last, we also eat that cake again together ><
we are so proud to have a  kind of teacher like him ^^
hope that he will teach us till we graduated from that school (: *hopefully*

birthday cake for sir.david je ^^


our beloved teacher ^^

xi-ia-plus guys with sir dj ^^ blur ><

21 february 2011 :)

Mm . here i'll share some story that have been delayed by me to post it to my blog ><

21February2011 , and its monday .
i bring a cake to school for celebrated our physics teacher, ms.grace birthday.
Mm . my classmates and I seems so happy coz we can skipped physics class for 1 period. HAHAHA
how bad we are! lol ><

we makes a surprise for her by bring the cake of course with candles with it to physics laboratory and im the one who hold the cake ><
hahahaa . then we entered the lab n sing a happy birthday song to her. ^^
after that we told her to make a wish then blow up the candles.
of course after that she cut the cake n what ? we eat the cake together. ><
but that day was a great day .
just hope next year we still can celebrate her birthday again (:
but i think no more . she has tells us that she willnot teach at our school again :(
just wish that we can meet her again in another days .
we are proud to have a physics teacher like her.
this is the cake for ms.grace ^^ looks so elite ><

girls with ms.grace ^^ love tis pict although the quality of the pic so low ><


whoaaa >< 
im awake from my bed at 10am. then i opened my laptop just for updating my blog .lol

Mm . we know yeah today is SUNDAY . 
Yeah actually i do hate sunday coz tomorrow will be a MONsterDAY for me . but for today is NO ! i will have a holidays for 1 weeks started from tomorrow till saturday, so of course i will back to school next monday. LUCKY ME ><
but im still confused >< should i just stay at home for 1 weeks just for doing a lot of HOMEWORK from ma teacher or go having fun outside ?
aih =.=" so damn confusing me .